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Les GSM c'est quoi ? Image généré avec l'intelligence artificielle pour représenter la qualité d'un vêtement avec sa différence en GSM (gramme par mètre carré)

What are GSM when we talk about textiles?

GSM (grams per square meter) is a weight measurement used to evaluate the density of a fabric. This measurement is particularly important when it comes to textiles, as it influences the quality and characteristics of a fabric.

The higher the GSM weight of a fabric, the denser and thicker it will be. Heavy fabrics have better durability and are generally warmer. They are also more expensive to produce, as they require more raw materials.

Lightweight fabrics, on the other hand, have a lower GSM weight and are lighter and more breathable. They are generally less expensive to produce. However, they are often of lower quality and do not last over time.

It is important to consider the GSM weight of a fabric when selecting garments, as this can influence the comfort, durability and appearance of a garment. That's why at Pals we produce garments with a very high GSM weight because we want our garments to be as comfortable as possible and to last over time. On average, a classic hoodie weighs 270 GSM, while our Pals Embroidered Logo Hoodie weighs 500 GSM.

In summary, GSM is a measure of weight used to evaluate the density of a fabric and can influence its quality, durability and characteristics. It's important to keep this in mind when choosing clothing.


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